What I'm Doing Now

Updated January 2022.

Being a family man

Continuously striving to be the best husband and dad I can be. My daughter will turn one at the end of January '22. My 3rd wedding anniversary is coming up in May '22.


I want to read more books and write about them here on this site. I'm currently on a Neal Stephenson kick, enjoying REAMDE before starting Fall, or Dodge in Hell. Other Stephenson novels that I have read are: Cryptonomicon, Snow Crash, Anathem, Seveneves, and Atmosphæra Incognita.


I have a goal of writing more. With the idea to build up this this blog, and maybe send an occasional tweet. I have two twitter accounts. One to follow the world of education, specifically NYC schools, technology and data science. The other is to follow my personal interests like music, investing, and personal growth.

I've been using Typora for writing, I like how it has the ability to export many different file types. It renders markdown beautifully, better than any editor I've tried. I'd like to start writing more about my interests and music tech-tools.


Whenever I have some free time, I fire up my Elektron Digitakt and sketch out some rhythms and drum beats. I have started some template files in Google Sheets to track and log certain things to increase my productivity and organization of sound libraries. The Teenage Engineering PO-33 KO is another tiny groove-box that has been fascinating to play with. I want to explore more in this area in 2022 and write about it. I'm also making an effort to get a few hours a week in my studio, where I can play a drum set as loud as I want.


Working on modifying my strength post and sticking to it daily. This post is a regimen which combines my favorite strength and mobility techniques from a few different sources. I used to keep a log of all of my athletic endeavors, but now I just use a Garmin Instinct smartwatch for my trail running logs. I'm always working on incorporating some things I find enjoyable into the fitness regimen, like barefoot style trail running, battle ropes, Total Gym, kettlebells and basketball.


This is a now page, inspired by Derek Sivers. If you have your own site, you should make one, too.